Saturday, March 29, 2008

Veggie Garden 1

I have the earliest tomato blossoms in the area this year. I inherited 6 heirloom seedlings, planted in November, that were pot bound and P starved, but i resurrected them. I saw this week that they started blooming, so i decided now was a good time to put them in the ground.

A lot of old-timers around here say to plant on Good Friday, but this year it came a bit early, so i waited a week. Hopefully, we've seen the last frost.

If all goes well, we could have our first tomatoes in May!

This is our longleaf pine, a native species to this area. Oddly, the daffodils have not bloomed yet... And i saw some blooming just down the road, too. I must've got defective bulbs.

The soils in these parts are sandy and compacted, so I built these raised beds and amended the soil since we moved in. These are onions and garlic that i planted last fall. Sometimes they get a side-dressing of spent yeast from my beer fermentations...

Here are the tomatoes I transplanted today. They don't look so tall here, but it's a good idea to prune off the lower leaves and plant the stem deep. The stems will then produce roots, giving them a stronger root system.

I gave the plot some triple 13 (13-13-13) as a starter. I'm not going to mulch the bed this year because i always have cutworm problems.

I didn't want to put this photo in because there's nothing in it, but in the interest of completeness, i guess i have to show the bed pre-plant. I did put in 3 tomatoes, tho, but you can hardly see them yet.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Winter mortalities

Well, winter killed a few of my landscaping plants, and if i don't replace them now, it'll be too late. The cold last night almost killed my tomato and pepper seedlings, and tonight it'll be just below freezing, so i had to move Alabama Days out of the bedroom to make room for our summer veggies-to-be. She'll understand come our first tomato harvest, i'm sure.